“When I participated [in the free counselling offer] last year my counsellor and I used live chat, and it was really good! I was very pleasantly surprised that we were able to work at depth despite what I imagined would be the ‘challenges’ compared with F2F.  I would heartily encourage others to give it a go! Client A”

“I recently had counselling with X.

We had five sessions via Zoom. I was interested having the experience of being a client because I hope to work as an online counsellor when I finish my counselling qualification in the UK.

My online counsellor was professional and friendly. I found it easy to build a therapeutic relationship with her.  I found the sessions helpful in experiencing online counselling and also in overcoming some concerns I had about work and family issues. I would recommend people consider participating in this training.”

Free Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Offer

All our Diploma in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy students are rquired to complete a minimum of 20 hours on online counselling work as part of their portfolio. This is a postgraduate diploma in online counselling and psychotherapy (you can see more about our courses for those working in organisational settings and for those in management and private practice.

We are currently looking for clients for each of our Diploma students. Our Diploma students are fully qualified therapists completing a post qualification diploma. They are usually members of BACP, UKCP, BPS or similar and we encourage them to also be student members of The Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO-org.uk). They are also each receiving online supervision, so are very well supported in their new line of online therapeutic work.

If you would be interested in trying out online therapy free of charge, or know someone who might benefit from some therapy online please could you email us at admissions@PWTacademy.online.

The deal would be up to 10 sessions of online therapy using one or a variety of formats:

  • video counselling, audio (where you turn the video off)
  • text based live chat
  • email counselling
  • counselling using virtual reality as part of video sessions (this is still work in progress and might not be immediately available)
  • blended where you use a variety of methods

The client chooses the format they prefer and can (and do) ask to swap between formats during sessions or for different sessions (ideal, for example, to use live chat when covering issues of shame).

The students would need your permission to use the sessions for their case work presentation as part of the final paperwork submission, all of which is externally examined.

In line with ethical practice of course any identifying details would be omitted.

The students will in each case provide you with an information pack about how they work and ask you to complete an agreement.

Not all our students have their paperwork entirely up to speed yet, but we usually have one or two ready to go straight away, So in terms of expectation, counselling might not start straight away and we’d ask you to be aware of this. Thank you.

If you want to see more about our courses please see https://pwtacademy.online/courses/.  All our diploma students are highly qualified in face to face therapeutic work and are doing this extra course to add to their suite of qualifications.

You will need to give permission for the student to use the transcripts within their coursework, obviously anonymised and respecting confidentiality. The students will each agree a contract with you, including this requirement.

If you know anyone else who would like some email, live chat or video conferencing online counselling please ask them to email us at admissions@PWTacademy.online 

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