Each of the 4 quadrants [see PDF’s below] represents a sphere of your clinical practice, and in this context we are
referring to working online and the development of such a practice. In reality many will fit in more than one, and your choice is arbitrary, but you should be able to justify why you put something in a particular quadrant – I have started each quadrant for you, and later on you will receive a fully completed chart to
guide you.

In the completed chart I have included tick boxes so you can use this as a checklist of key areas to consider in the setting up of your online practice, the only visual distinction I that the two left hand boxes relate to the self and the therapeutic relationship, whilst the right hand boxes relate to the external elements.

I suggest that you use this chart to ensure that you have thought out each of the issues. First of all you will find knowledge and experience of one of the quadrants will be stronger or weaker. Using this chart
will help you to know where you need to focus on future development be it through professional training or business development advice. 

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