I just wanted to ‘announce’ that I have got started on online clinical work today!  Had 2 clients, one on webcam, one on live chat, so delighted, so ‘live’ in that it came together with all the stuff we have been covering. Live chat was amazing experience, can’t wait to reflect on it more and process things I’ve learnt. It was my least favoured medium and required quite a different kind of awareness and communication…. I would never have even considered live chat before starting the course and even thought I would never entertain it whilst undertaking the course…but it was ‘foisted’ on me and I am very glad.”


a PWTA Student

‘I am so chuffed that I don’t know how to express the joy and happiness that I feel on receiving such good news. You have opened a door to future possibilities I never imagined on joining the course. It’s like a miracle has happened to me for which I am so grateful with much appreciation’.


a PWTA student

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